Since 1980 FROELICH & SPORBECK is working in field of environmental consulting and planning

Currently our company is represented in six cities in Germany. The offices are located in Bochum, Plauen, Potsdam and Augsburg with about 40 permanent employees overall.

Managing directors are

The range of our environmental consulting services is comprehensive. We are widely experienced in consulting works aiming at adequate application of the European Unions environmental legislation during approval procedures for various public and private projects. We help our clients (project developers/proponents) to bring their projects in line with the relevant environmental legislation (concerning, e. g., Environmental Impact Assessment, NATURA 2000 and Integrated Pollution Prevention Control), to compile all kinds of related assessment documents and to achieve the necessary planning approvals. Thus our central task is to ensure the environmental compatibility of planning procedures and construction works. In careful consideration of any relevant environmental legislation we perform our services with special regard to the aspects of resources conservation, striving for sustainable development. We give our input to projects as procedural consulting, expert surveys and monitoring and controlling services.

We provide environmental expertise relating to various sectors, e.g.: traffic and transport infrastructure development, development of urban/rural settlements and industrial sites, waste management, the water- and mining sector, supply and disposal planning procedures.

Among other activities we are specialised in the fields of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA, e. g. for roads, railways and airports, industrial plants and areas), in local land use planning, landscape conservation support planning, in the elaboration of landscape management plans and in landscaping and beautification (design planning). Essential issues of our work are special researches and inventories, such as ecological surveys and ecological expert contributions (e.g. biotope management plans), inventories of vegetation and fauna, surface water investigations as well as assessments according to the Habitats’ Directive of the European Union (NATURA 2000).

For a competent and punctual performance of our services we can apply upon a permanent staff of 32 experts graduated in biology, geography, ecology, forestry, landscape architecture, landscape conservation and spatial planning, respectively, and on technical and administrative staff. All our activities are carried out in close co-operation with specialised technical planners of related sectors and with official authorities of nature conservation and environmental protection.

Every project is being carried out and controlled under the guidelines of our Quality Management System (QMS). After examination, we are listed in the Central Consultancy Register of the European Commission under Reg.-No. 100 475. 

We are looking forward to a good cooperation!
Bochum, Plauen, Potsdam, Augsburg

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