Cämmerer See pooled compensation areas and the neighbouring lowlands

A large number of businesses are seeking to establish themselves at the Lubmin industrial site. Instead of implementing separate compensation measures for each of the envisaged projects over a wide area, the Energiewerke Nord (EWN) is planning to group the target areas together in a pooled compensation area on the northern part of the Isle of Usedom near the Cämmerer See lake.

The aim is to restore the natural landscape to what it had been before the area was dyked (see old aerial photograph), and to create new habitats for animals and plants. FROELICH & SPORBECK has been supporting the client, EWN, in the realisation of this ambitious project for several years. It requires the production of a feasibility study which is to be followed by numerous expert reports. Intensive coordination with the ministries and authorities responsible and the broad public participation and involvement require patience, sensitivity, and new ways of communication.

Planning services

  • Advisory service
  • Feasibility study
  • Scoping
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Special-purpose mapping
  • Impact and compensation balance
  • Habitats Directive preliminary assessments
  • Species protection report
  • Listed buildings expertise
  • Public participation
  • Pooled space management

Project details

Client: Energiewerke Nord GmbH (EWN)
Processing period: from 2005 and onwards
Scope of area planning: approx. 1,000 ha

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