Extending the grid and NATURA 2000 research project – species protection and nature conservation analysis

The extension of the electric grid is extremely important for the implementation of the new energy policy. The law to accelerate the tempo at which the grid is extended already includes a number of procedural arrangements to speed up the extension of high-voltage lines across federal states and national borders.

If approval processes are to be completed within three years as currently envisaged by the EU Commission, then a further optimisation of approval procedures concentrating on the technical problems of nature conservation and on site protection and species protection issues is essential.

The aim of the research project is to develop feasible solutions that will contribute to the standardisation of approval documentation and an acceleration of the test procedures.

Planning services

  • The determination and analysis of the existing instruments for practice-based standardisation
  • Identifying typical Habitats Directive and species protection problems in grid extension approval processes
  • The elaboration of alternative solutions
  • Polling the grid operators and selected approval authorities using structured interviews

Project details

Client: Federal Ministry of Economy and Technology
Processing period: 2012
Scope of area planning: nation-wide analysis

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