Jänschwalde-Nord lignite mining plan

There are plans for the expansion of a lignite strip mining project in the south-eastern part of Brandenburg. It requires drawing up a lignite mining plan which includes an integrated strategic environmental impact assessment. Being the promoters of the project, Vattenfall Europe Mining AG are compiling numerous procedural documents for the spatial planning authorities, each of which may be made up of as many as fifty individual expert reports.

FROELICH & SPORBECK will be advising Vattenfall Europe Mining AG in this demanding project for a scheduled period of four years, taking over responsibility for the complete project management.
Among FROELICH & SPORBECK’s essential functions in this project are time management, time accounting, and consistency checks on the expert reports to be submitted to the planning authority, giving procedural advice on the management of the technical aspects of the planning procedure. In addition, FROELICH & SPORBECK shall manage all the project’s Geographic Information System (GIS) data.

European legal and technical requirements for site protection (NATURA 2000) mandate the production of summarising Habitats Directive documentation.

Planning services

  • Environmentally-related project management / project control
  • Procedure advisory service
  • Summarising Habitats Directive document
  • GIS data management

Project details

Client: Vattenfall Europe Mining AG
Processing period: since 2011
Scope of area planning: approx. 8,000 ha


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