Lubmin III combined cycle power station

Energiewerke Nord GmbH (EWN) is planning a 1,800 MW electrical output combined cycle power station to the northeast of Lubmin. The large number of protected areas, which include the Greifswalder Bodden Baltic coast bay, and the scope of the expected potential effects present very high demands on the documents for the procedure.

FROELICH & SPORBECK are responsible for managing all approval and authorisation processes including project control and emissions forecasts.

Because of the significant adverse impacts that are expected in NATURA 2000 areas, a comprehensive concept to safeguard the coherent NATURA 2000 network must be drawn up. It is based on the implementation of compensation measures covering a large area, and includes moving back the line of the dykes which will initiate the restoration of a natural flooding system in the Peene estuary.

Planning services

  • Project control and advisory service
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Special purpose mapping
  • Landscape management plan
  • Habitats Directive preliminary assessments
  • Habitats Directive environmental impact studies
  • Species protection report
  • Public participation

Project details

Client: Energiewerke Nord GmbH
Processing period: from 2010 and onwards
Scope of area planning: 22,000 ha

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