The Karsau-Wehr section of the A 98 Hochrhein autobahn

An autobahn is being planned in the busy Hochrheintal valley between the Upper Rhine Valley and Lake Constance in order to by-pass several built-up areas. The accompanying landscape conservation scheme (Landschaftspflegerischer Begleitplan) covers the work planned in the section between Karsau and Wehr. The planning is particularly complex because the landscape affected includes large areas of structured deciduous woodland, high-value non-fertilised meadow orchards, and agricultural landscape with an intricate structure. In addition, the FFH aspect (various FFH habitat types; different bat species such as Bechstein’s bat and Geoffroy’s bat; woodland woodpecker species; and the occurrence of the yellow bellied toad in two of the FFH areas) is particularly important. The activities being planned include approximately 400 hectares of forestry management and approximately 50 hectares of open land (lowland hay meadow, meadow orchards) measures, which take both specific European species protection and the observation of NATURA 2000 coherence into account.

Planning services

  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Accompanying landscape conservation plan
  •  Preliminary FFH studies, FFH compatibility studies
  • FFH exception study
  • Specialist protected species paper

Project details

Client: Freiburg Regional Council
Processing period: 2000 onwards
Size of planning area: 10.7 kilometres overall length

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