New DB Rhein/Main-Rhein/Neckar ICE line

DB AG is planning a new high-speed railway line in the Rhein/Main-Rhein/Neckar corridor in order to provide the conditions that will allow a significant improvement in the quality of service and an increase in capacity for both rail passenger and goods traffic in the area.

In connection with the land use planning and planning approval processes, new aspects for the consideration of alternatives have been opened up by the revised national and European nature protection legislation related to Natura 2000 and species protection, which make a revision of the previous EEA results necessary. As a consequence, the alternatives that have been examined so far must be reassessed, and also new options considered. This re-examination is included in a  “decision paper” in the form of an amended consideration of alternatives.

Planning services

  • Decision paper on finding variants finally determining the preferred route/examination of land use impact
  • Documentation in compliance with Art. 6, Environmental Impact Assessment Act
  • Accompanying landscape conservation plan
  • Specialist protected species paper

Project details

Client: DB ProjektBau GmbH, Mitte (Central German) branch
Processing period: 2007 onwards
Size of planning area: 7,250 hectares

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